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Developed by health professionals and runners, iKinesis offers a 3-dimensional running motion analysis.

With the real-time interface and the iKinesis index, optimize your training by running at an efficient pace and limit the risk of over-training.
Included :
Green Kapsule
+ Sensor
Mobile app
2 years
Gratuite en France et certains pays d'Europe (conditions générale de vente)
2 ans remplacement
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iKinesis, a choice driven by...

Designed to be intuitive and accessible
High resolution sensors for accurate data
Convolutional neural networks and dedicated algorithms
The iKinesis application is designed to evolve towards complete tools for sports analysis and supervision

Main features

Replay and 3D analysis
Accurate and intuitive, biomechanical analysis is a powerful biofeedback that allows you to better understand your running technique, to better prevent injuries, and to improve your performance.
iKinesis Index
Displayed in real time, the iKinesis index allows you to optimize your effort during your race. Training management has never been so easy.
Accurate measurements
The speed, precise and in real time, is measured without GPS data. No more undetected acceleration by GPS. iKinesis knows everything!
Stress areas
Thanks to its powerful algorithms, iKinesis interprets the biomechanical analysis for you in order to highlight the areas most solicited by your technique.
Exercises and advice
in order to limit the risk of injury on the detected stress areas, exercise advice will be provided either by a health/sports professional through the iKinesis Cloud, or directly by the artificial intelligence.

Use iKinesis everywhere, anytime...

All over the world
Whether it's on a treadmill, on the track, on the trail, or on the road, iKinesis will always be the same.
All the time
iKinesis is a running companion always ready to analyze and accompany
Whether you are a runner or a health/sports professional and whatever your level, iKinesis is there to accompany you in the discovery and analysis of movement