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Engo AR glasses

Designed for cyclists, triathletes, endurance runners or any other endurance sport (Nordic skiing,..), Engo sports glasses display real-time performance data where you need it most.

Housed in a lightweight, fashionable frame, Engo's miniaturized AMOLED technology connects to your Bluetooth devices to project the most important information directly into your field of vision.Functional and stylish, Engo eyewear enhances your sports experience.

Advantage Activelook
The ActiveLook projection technology and its Microoled screen combine a very high brightness and an unequalled level of consumption, optimizing readability and battery life.
NXT® photochromic lenses adjust instantly in all light conditions, providing clear vision and 100% UV protection.
The arms and nose bridge can be adjusted for comfort and all-day fit.
Engo's high density power module gives you 12 hours of battery life per charge.
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The iKinesis solution

Developed by health and sports professionals, iKinesis is a unique technological innovation for running analysis, injury prevention, and real-time support.

The application, based on advanced artificial intelligence and coupled with a footpod, reproduces and records the runner's movement in 3D and interprets it in an instant.iKinesis device generates complete and accurate data on the runner's movement and thus offers an objective analysis of the flexion/extension movement of the hip, knee, ankle and pronation of its user.

Based on an automated biomechanical analysis, the iKinesis application determines the areas of the body most solicited by the runner's technique. Thus, the runner can be accompanied by the application or by a professional thanks to a library of exercises accessible directly in the application (strengthening, mobilization, massage).

The replay & the 3D analysis
Accurate and intuitive, biomechanical analysis is a powerful biofeedback that allows you to better understand your running technique, to better prevent injuries, and to improve your performance.
iKinesis index
Displayed in real time, the iKinesis index allows you to optimize your effort during your race. Training management has never been so easy.
Accurate measurements
The speed, precise and in real time, is measured without GPS data. No more undetected acceleration by GPS. iKinesis sees everything!
Stress areas
Thanks to its powerful algorithms, iKinesis interprets the biomechanical analysis for you in order to highlight the areas most solicited by your technique.
Exercises & advice
in order to limit the risk of injury on the detected stress areas, exercise advice will be provided either by a health/sports professional through the iKinesis Cloud, or directly by the artificial intelligence.
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The iKinesis & Engo combo

The Ikinesis solution including an application (iOS / Android) and a sensor pod to attach to his sneakers is now compatible with all glasses powered by Activelook to offer a renewed experience for the athlete.

The running pod allows a precise analysis of the runner's movement and the pair of connected glasses offers a projection of the data generated by the iKinesis device in real-time, including the speed, to the second.

It is now possible for each runner to be guided throughout his training thanks to the iKinesis index to limit the risk of injury and optimize his performance.

2 technological and sporting innovations
Allow runners to live a perfect sport experience
Several advanced technologies at the service of running
Cocorico iKinesis and Engo are "made in France