iKinesis, A professionnal-grade running advisor on your feet

A simple, innovative, wearable solution for healthier and high-performance running. Less injury, more performance.

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A high accuracy wearable inertial sensor

Born from the combination of advanced technology and artificial intelligence, iKinesis 
analyses and interprets your movement in real-time and spell out 3 dimensions.

Superior sensor fusion technology

Ground-breaking design

Convolutional neutral network


Become aware of your strengths and weaknesses and the risks of injuries associated with them


Learn individually how to run better and how to limit the injury risks with specifics exercises and advice


Improve your performance by controlling all iKinesis metrics

IKinesis has been built by health and sport professionals

Together, these professionals have developed a connected solution for the analysis, correction, and optimization of the runner’s movement in real-time.



iKinesis analyses a wide range of parameters about your kinematics
iKinesis determines all running metrics without GPS data

3D Kinematics analysis

Lower limb stability
Lower limb movements
Propulsion efficiency
Hip, knee, ankle

Center of gravity oscillation

Impact force estimation

Foot strike

Pronation analysis
Overstriding detection
Types of strides



iKinesis is your professionals-grade advisor to make yourmovements safer and the most efficient

Type of runners

Injury risks

3D Visualization

For a better appreciation of movement, iKinesis reproduces the gestures of the runner's lower limb in 3D, directly on your smartphone.


Individual support

iKinesis will guide you through the mobile application and will suggest you exercises to be almost « injury-free » and more performant.

Correction in real-time

Exercices based on the runner's weakness

Coaching according to the goals

Training plans

Offline mode

Because you want to run free, iKinesis doesn’t forget you. The mobile application has an offline mode.
When you get home, just synchronize the Kapsule with the iKinesis mobile application and you’ll benefit from almost the entire iKinesis analysis.